Cranberry for UTI?

Have you ever tried cranberry juice for a bladder infection? If you are like many women, you've probably tried the advice mom gave you to try some cranberry to treat those irritating symptoms.

But does it work?

Turns out, that mom may have been right, at least when it comes to preventing a urinary tract infection.

A recent publication reviewed over two dozen previous studies on the subject, that involved more than 4,000 women. They found that consuming cranberry juice was effective preventing urinary tract infections in women. However, it was not effective in treating a UTI once the symptoms had already developed. Interestingly, it was only the consumption of actual cranberry juice that was effective at preventing a UTI. Taking cranberry pills or cranberry supplements seemed to have no effect. So if you are starting to develop the classic burning and frequency with urination, you will need to see your physician for appropriate evaluation and treatment. Antibiotics remain the best treatment.

But if you have problems with recurring urinary infections, try drinking a small glass of cranberry juice twice daily. It’s safe and it just might be effective in preventing your next UTI.

How about you? Have you tried using cranberry? What has been your experience?


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