Eating This Could Save Your Eyes

It’s not just about carrots anymore.

A new study from Harvard Medical School has found that a very simple, healthy food that when eaten daily could save your eyesight.

The vision preserving food? Green, leafy vegetables.

This newly published good news comes from decades of accumulating research beginning
as far back as 1976. Researchers have identified that people who eat daily servings of green veggies can cut their risk of developing glaucoma by as much as 50 percent.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a medical condition that causes damage to the main nerve within the eye that enables vision—the optic nerve. Usually resulting from increased pressure of the fluids within the eye, it is a dangerous problem made all the worse because of its subtle and insidious onset.

And it is one of the leading causes of blindness in this country and across the globe.

The danger begins to escalate about age 40, and continues to increase with age. If higher eye pressures are not detected through periodic screening with your eye doctor, the first symptom that may develop is the insidious onset of vision loss.

Beginning with patchy loss of peripheral vision, glaucoma can quickly progress to more significant or even total vision loss.

Anything that can prevent glaucoma from developing is a welcome blessing.

The Green Benefit

It appears the benefit of the green vegetables in preventing glaucoma comes from the presence of natural nitrates, which the body converts to nitric oxide.

The nitric oxide causes the muscles around blood vessels and the fluid channels of the eye to relax, allowing the nutrient-rich fluids to circulate without restriction.

The helpful, nitrate-rich green vegetables are mostly of the leafy variety, but also include: lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, celery, cabbage, and brussel sprouts.

The Top 5 foods for best eye health

If you want to take some simple, healthy, and completely natural steps to enhancing the health of your eyes and protecting your vision, make the top five foods below a regular part of your diet.

-Green Vegetables

Take your salads to the land beyond lettuce. Add generous helpings of other greens—spinach, kale, broccoli, and any other green veggie to your heart’s (and eyes’) content.

-Omega-3 Fatty Acids

As good as they are for your heart, they are for your eyes as well. Consuming fatty fish (salmon, tuna) and perhaps even omega-3 supplements can provide vision-protecting health for your eyes.


Hydration is important to so many vital functions in your body, and your vision is no exception. Remaining hydrated throughout the day is of greater benefit than periodic fluid guzzling. Try having your bottle by your side, and developing the habit of a few sips every 10 to 15 minutes.


Besides the great anti-oxidant effects and Vitamin C boost, blueberries offer the extra benefit of anthocyanins. The British Journal of Nutrition in 2012 published a study that found the anthocyanins (found in blueberries) offered a protective effect to the cells of the retina.

-And yes... carrots

The beta-carotene in carrots, which the body converts to Vitamin A, provides a well-studied benefit in vision health, especially helpful in night vision. And you’ve never seen a rabbit wearing glasses, have you?

Simple. Effective. And by focusing your sights on these healthy these top foods, you may be extending your precious gift of sight for years to come.

Be sure to forward the good news of this blog to someone you know who needs to “see” it for themselves!


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